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BONUS EDITION: Terry Edwards

April 14, 2021

Tommy Pearson talks to one of the great legends of British choral life, the singer, conductor, music director and manager Terry Edwards

Terry formed London Voices - one of the busiest professional choirs in the UK - in 1973, managed the Swingles, created the ground-breaking vocal group Electric Phoenix, was director of the London Sinfonietta Voices and Chorus and for 12 years was Chorus Director at the Royal Opera House. Before all that, he also played basketball for Great Britain!

In this wide-ranging conversation, recorded in 2018, Terry looks back on his career: the composers he's worked with (including Berio, Ligeti and John Williams), his time at the Royal Opera House with Solti, education work, film scores and the business of being a singer and managing choirs. 

Presenter/Producer: Tommy Pearson 

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